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Car management

You have a fleet of vehicles, we have professional drivers

We arrive at the agreed-upon location with the cars in perfect condition. We take the guests to your event and make sure they get a welcome drink. Our drivers speak several languages, have been thoroughly trained, and know how to represent the quality of our brand.
Car Management | P&F Company s.r.o.
Car Handling

Operating and assuring your cars with our people

Do you want to procure a fleet of vehicles, but don't have any drivers? We park, watch over, and return your guests' vehicles. We 100% guarantee your guests' satisfaction while at your event.
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Car Cleaning

Your vehicles hand washed and maintained in every way

We know you want your cars kept in the BEST condition possible, i.e. shiny and smelling good. To this end, we developed our own mobile car wash that we deploy at every event. The goal is clear: have your cars looking fresh off the lot. Quick and ecological.
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CRM system

Online vehicle and fleet monitoring

This allows you to have an immediate overview of every vehicle. Where is it driving off to? Who's behind the wheel? How long has it been driving? Did it go over the speed limit? How many kilometres has it gone? You'll see everything online.
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The practical guide to Car Handling | P&F Company s.r.o.
Car Handling

The practical guide to Car Handling

  • CAR HANDLING - the complete service of your vehicles by our employees, e.g. parking at the agreed-upon stations, returning the vehicles to the clients, filling their tanks, adjusting the infotainment language settings, valet services for those attending the event, and more.
  • STAGE DRIVING - professionally driving the vehicle onto the podium according to the director's instructions. The result is an impressive sight for the audience to see.
  • STAGE DRIVER - a professional with admirable driving skills and experience with driving highly luxurious cars.
  • SCOUTING TRAS – selecting, mapping, and presenting amazing locations for taking your clients out for a drive.
  • FILM CREW SUPPORT – intimate cooperation between the drivers and the cameramen while filming breath-taking shots is the key to perfect promotional material.
Why we created our own car wash | P&F Company s.r.o.
Car cleaning

Why we created our own car wash

  • To ensure the first-class cleanness of every vehicle, we need to have first-class cleaning technology at our fingertips. Reliable, highly effective, and, above all, ecological. To this end, we created our own mobile car wash.
  • How does the car wash work? We wash the vehicles' exteriors, dry them, and give them a polish, all within a few minutes. When the interior also needs to be cleaned, we do an excellent job.
  • All of the cleaning chemicals we use meet the latest legislative conditions of the EU and are quite ecological.

Why do our customers trust their vehicle fleets to us?



Your cars will be driven by flawlessly trained drivers with more than 5-years' experience in driving highly luxurious vehicles in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Professional communication

Driving journalists from various corners of the world is a normal day's work for our drivers. They speak several worldwide languages, which only goes to help your cause.

Safety and comfort

We drive people, not barrels of hay. Safety and comfort for every passenger are key, and that's whether we're just taking „Ms Daisy to work“ or „driving a taxi for Luc Besson“.

A word from our client

We use an array of services from P&F Company in the fields of Event Management, Car Management, and Car Cleaning. When we planned a presentation event for our new Škoda vehicles, P&F Company guaranteed the complete services with the help of 80 of their people, including everyone from drivers to hostesses and managers. Our contract included the optical transport of press vehicles, transporting guests between event locations, Stage Driving, and, of course, the complete cleaning services for every vehicle at the event.
BS Petr Kavrentzis
GK – Communications, ŠKODA AUTO a.s.
ŠKODA AUTO a.s. | Reference P&F Company s.r.o.
KOVOKON is a Czech engineering company specializing in metalworking with our own technology and tool shop. For us, the outsourcing company P&F Company secured logistical services, quality measurement, and the related administration within the fields of warehousing and record-keeping for automotive production parts. Their cooperation was flawless in every way.
Vlastimil Koníček
Executive Director, KOVOKON Popovice s.r.o.
KOVOKON Popovice s.r.o. | Reference P&F Company s.r.o.
The Czech Post is the national parcel carrier for the Czech Republic. To improve the social relationships amongst our employees, we wanted to hold a 4-day team-building event in Harrachov, dedicated to winter games. The consultation firm P&F Company was able to flawlessly assist us with the organisation efforts. Their personnel prepared a thematic accompanying programme in the form of a ski run, or slalom, and that included renting ski slopes and securing accommodation in hotels for our employees.
Mgr. Jan Trčala
Head of the Central Purchasing Department, Česká pošta, s.p.
Česká pošta, s.p. | Reference P&F Company s.r.o.
We are a consulting firm in the field of administering financial assets for business owners and their families, lawyers, physicians, successful athletes, and institutional clients. We specialize in private equity. P&F Company secured serious drivers for us, provided comfortable transportation, and we are above and beyond satisfied with them.
B.Sc. Lubomír Janíček
Executive Director, VASSET WM s.r.o.
VASSET WM s.r.o. | Reference P&F Company s.r.o.
Emons is a Czech transport and logistics company. We work together with the outsourcing company P&F Company at our Brno branch, where they provide logistics and warehousing services (warehousing under FIFO, LIFO, FEFO), are in charge of inventory control and management, liquidation, and the return of goods, supply, and production management as well as a number of administrative activities related to quality control, including finding measurements and logging. Working with P&F Company is superlative. And should a problem arise, the people from P&F Company always solve it correctly.
Daniel Fried
Branch Manager, Emons Spedice s.r.o.
Emons Spedice s.r.o. | Reference P&F Company s.r.o.
The family company AUTO DOBROVOLNÝ has been an authorized dealer and service provider for Opel vehicles since 1991. When we hold promotional, contractual, and other marketing events, we require properly trained personnel to work our showrooms on a short-term basis. And at that moment, we call František Provodovský and his P&F Company, who are always willing to help us by providing flawless work. In terms of customer and sales service communication, the people from P&F Company are perfectly prepared.
Milan Dobrovolný
Executive Director, AUTO DOBROVOLNÝ V.M. s.r.o.
AUTO DOBROVOLNÝ V.M. s.r.o. | Reference P&F Company s.r.o.
For the problem-free operation of our customer centre, we needed to secure workers specializing in tyre services, vehicle mechanics, and logistical work. We utilized outsourcing within the personnel field of P&F Company and we were more than satisfied.
B.Sc. Michal Bílek
VTK – Customer Centre, ŠKODA AUTO a.s.
ŠKODA AUTO a.s. | Reference P&F Company s.r.o.