We provide service to the best events.


  • We offer full professional services related to the transportation of a clients at all planned events.
  • The advantages of our company, we see particularly in transport logistics planning ensuring the required car fleet.
  • All staff is fully trained and adapted to suit the needs of the client.
  • A complete service for us means responsibility and a precise result.
  • Our experience includes the involvement in foreign events.
  • We take all challenging requirements or assignments as a challenge and desire to succeed to the satisfaction of the client.
  • If you want to be convinced of our quality and service, we will be glad for contacting.

Rental of drivers

We provide all our events through our trained staff, who is fully professional with a wealth of driving experience in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The database we are able to offer and use counts a few dozen individuals for which we are 100% satisfied with all aspects.

Our experience includes the management of large luxury vehicles.

We place great emphasis on easier communication between staff and the client, so language is a matter of course for us at global level.

Drivers can be used for both, long and short terms. An integral part of our priorities is always the safety and comfort of all passengers in the vehicle.

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Your car our driver

Our company is also engaged in customized service where we are able to provide so-called "Car Handling"

What does the exact two-word combination mean? Do you have any event involving a large number of cars without the necessary staff? We can solve these issues through our "Car Handlers". The vehicles of all the guests will be taken over, parked, supervised and then re-lay.

We are creative and we can make nicely parked formations to acquire tasteful photos or videos.

If you decide to take the cars to the designated place, we will also provide this service.

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Representative hostesses

We realize that no social event, meeting or corporate party can get around without charming ladies. Therefore, we will be glad to provide you with a handsome and communicative company equipped with language skills through fluent conversation in foreign languages.

Our hostesses can be used for the complete care of your guests.

Through welcome, ongoing service, presentation, or product introduction, we will provide your event with the necessary glanc.

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Car cleaning

Our company has its own mobile car wash and trained staff to handle it. It is therefore possible to offer this service and place it in the desired place, where it is necessary to keep your cars in perfect purity.

We will complete the exterior washing, drying and polishing of the bodywork within a few minutes. If there is a need for a complete maintenance of the car, ensuring the cleanness of both the exterior and the interior, we will be able to perform these services without any problems on the spot with an excellent result. All the products we work with meet the latest EU legislation to demonstrate and to prove our commitment and attitude to the environment.

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